A Look Back at the First Week



Trump’s Emotional Tailspin

During the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency, his psychopathology was already obvious and being remarked upon both behind the closed doors of Congress and openly in the media. This scathing piece was written by a conservative columnist, Jennifer Rubin.

In the early 1970s, I remember speculation that Nixon might crack under the pressure of Watergate or that he was exhibiting paranoid tendencies. But I don’t ever remember an assessment of a sitting President’s mental health that was this stark, this declarative of mental illness. Virtually everyone agrees that Number 45 is nuts. And not in a fun, shake-things-up gonzo way. Trump is a very sick man. He should trade in the Armani suit for a think blue robe that ties in back. Or a jacket with the arms tied in front. 

The GOP will keep a sick man in office for as long as they can keep passing their rob-the-people, feed-the-rich agenda through him and around him. Look at Paul Ryan in the clip of the first meeting of 45 with Congressional leaders. He looks like a hungry wolf circling prey. Although I like wolves, so let’s make him a coyote instead. A nipper of carrion. Or, in this case, walking carrion.

Our country and the world is in serious danger every day that a compulsively lying rageaholic madman occupies the White House. We have to resist every day. In every way imaginable short of violence … if things turn violent, we will have a fascist state.

And be prepared for far worse than what we’ve seen. Trump is not capable of controlling himself, behaving differently. He’s too far gone. And his impotent rage at the truth (which continually fails to conform to his fantasy) can only escalate.


3 thoughts on “A Look Back at the First Week

  1. There is no doubt something very wrong with a man who can lie so blatantly, who is so childishly narcissistic, but I saw a Psychiatrist (wish I could remember his name, but he was chiefly responsible for editing the DSM which codifies diagnostic criteria for mental illness) on CNN, point out that Trump is not mentally ill in the formal psychiatric definition. While terribly narcissistic, he does not suffer, himself, from his condition…everybody else does. Labelling Trump with a psychiatric diagnosis, he argued, is insulting to those who truly are mentally ill. In a very flat footed way he said Trump was not crazy, he was a jerk. As a physician, I think there is some merit to this argument. People who are mentally ill are not inherently bad; Trump is. It is splitting hairs a bit, and makes sense only to Psychiatrists I think. From a colloquial point of language, Trump is crazy. But I have to agree, what did the mentally ill ever do to deserve being lumped in with him.


    1. I think Trump has narcissistic personality disorder and maybe some other problems related to long-term upper abuse (formerly diet pills, in recent years adderall according to rumor). He isn’t bipolar or schizophrenic, for instance. All of which is irresponsible speculation, but it couldn’t happen to a less nice guy. He has no business being President.


  2. Randall Smoot, despite what some people think, the collapse of 2008 was not entirely of George W. Bush’s making. The World Trade Center attack was the 1st domino, which lead to the conflict in the Middle East. Domino number 2 was the housing sector collapse. So multiple factors were involved. You are parroting liberal media propaganda. Try thinking for yourself.


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