Here’s a Big Surprise …


Trump has decided to keep James Comey on as FBI director. I’m sure his decision has nothing to do with the fact that Comey helped suppress and distort Trump’s ties to Russia and the hacker evidence of election tampering, and then later decided that we just HAD TO KNOW MORE about his opponent’s ever innocuous emails.

When I saw Comey pulling that shit … in real time … I assumed he was angling for a job at FOX when his term expired. I mean, for one thing, it looked like Hillary was going to win (and probably did win) and no one would permit an FBI director to stay on in a job where he had violated the public trust … and possibly the law … in such a blatant way.

Nobody, right? Except Trump, the beneficiary of Comey’s crimes.

Trumpland is in no small part Nixonland, where LOYALTY is the ticket in and your visa to stay and your reason to be on a daily basis. And Trump and the late Nixon are both sick men, psychologically, only capable of feeling their own pain. compulsive liars. Probably sociopaths. Both of them committed treason to get where they got. Nixon had Kissinger scuttle the 1968 Vietnam peace talks, a clear act of treason. Trump (and/or his people) were in constant contact with Putin and his people, who were engaged in election interference … acts of war. It is virtually impossible to believe that Trump peeps didn’t aid and abet them.

But at least Nixon knew how to locate nations on the globe and who was running them. And he didn’t convey the impression to foreign leaders of a child with a box of crayons and a map of the world to color in. Bush Junior’s ignorance was frightening to allies and other foreign leaders, but they felt like there were people in his administration who (while neoliberal and wrong-headed) were capable of conversing in a knowledgeable manner. That they wouldn’t be acting (with the exception of Dick Cheney) purely out of personal greed. Or on a whim. Leaders around the world have no such assurances now.

Comey belongs in the Big House not the White House. But, even if charges are brought against him for his execrable behavior during the election (if that’s even possible under the law), Comey will be granted a full pardon by the Crook in Chief he helped elevate.

More Nixonland. Minus a brain.

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