I Give You Donald Trump on Brexit …

US tycoon Donald Trump (C) is escorted b


I made myself read this, so I could feel the utter sorrow of how empty this man’s head is. Under the yellow chick-feather hair. What a boob he is. If Trump ever knew anything … about anything …. he’s forgotten it. I think Trump was trying to suggest that Britain build a wall between themselves and Europe, but he got distracted by the bagpipes or something.

The Brits who voted to leave the EU are stupid. Sorry. Ignorant is the right word, not stupid. Although some folks are both. Last night they were acting like they’d just beat all of Europe in soccer … sorry, futbol. When all they’d done is voted to take their ball and go home.

They got scammed. By emotional appeals divorced from reason and devoid of facts. A lot of the folks who voted LEAVE are busy googling EU today and wondering what it is exactly they’d done. Because, at the time, at the rallies, in the pubs, they were just chasing a feeling that they liked. Of rooting for the home club.

In sports, you don’t play well with others. You play well against others.

I could feel superior, I guess. But then I look around. At my fellow Americans, many of whom get their news from Fox, which announced the Brexit vote with the headline “Britain votes to leave the UN.” And then I see who received the nomination for one of our two major political parties. Currently starring in The Apprentice Goes to Scotland. And I want to throw up. I’m that afraid.

3 thoughts on “I Give You Donald Trump on Brexit …

  1. In this piece you hit on something that I have been thinking a long while: Americans and apparently the British treat everything as either a game or some reality TV show. You are either Team Leave or Team Stay; Team Hilary or Team Bernie. Team White or Team Black. The animosity between Sanders and Clinton supporters is the most disturbing to me. I am uncertain how much of it is provocateurs utilizing social media to do their COINTELPRO thing on a much wider, subtler scale or if the Team mentality pervades. As to Trump, I truly believe he will either bow out somehow or at the convention have his nomination revoked. He has begun to destroy the self-image of the GOP and the whole thing really does seem like reality TV and he is having a blast playing off the desires and fears of the very same demographic who watch shows like The Apprentice, Survivor, Greatest Race etc. I have only another decade left in me according to the medical profession and I have no children and have grown fed up with most of the rest of the world so I don’t really have a stake in the “game” I shouldn’t care. But I do.

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  2. I know I hit the “Like” button, but really…I don’t like this. At all. It doesn’t make me want to throw up. It makes me want to give up. I’m that scared.

    I guess we can always hope for a delegate coup in Cleveland this Monday. And I can’t believe I’m saying that, because knowing the current crop of delegates I’m sure that whomever they would consider a “suitable replacement” for The Donald is someone in any other world I would also be scared shitless of.

    Oh, Canada….

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