America’s Homegrown Terrorists

gop-senate-1024x644With Senators like these, who needs ISIS? They’ve already been responsible for more deaths – because of their support of NRA gun policies in exchange for cash – than all the terrorists in all the groups allied against the United States combined.

I don’t know if Allah will be there to shake their hands when these assassins ascend to their Great Reward. Or if they have a hookah party planned, complete with virgins and MOR country music. But, God knows, they’ve been paid well enough in this life. Millions upon millions in blood money. So Allah would be justified in skipping the party, and letting the GOP-slated virgins stay virginal awhile longer. .

A lot of these Republican men and women purport to be Christians. I’m skeptical. I’m not even convinced they’re all Americans, They certainly don’t act like any Americans I’ve ever known, devoid as they are of the slightest concern for public safety. A moment’s thought for the common good.

Americans? Christians? I say we insist on seeing their birth certificates. And get sworn statements that they aren’t disciples of radical Islam. From their actions, you shall know them. And they’ve slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent American men, women, and children in the last few years alone.No one would do that just for money , would they? They have to believe in something. Someone. Don’t they? And it can’t possibly be America. Or Christ.

For those few GOP Senators who are real Americans and believing Christians, I have bad news. No hookah party in the sky for you. You’ll be going straight to Hell. That’s the destination, I hear, for traitors and murderers.

I suggest you wear your summer suit and travel light. It gets hot in Hell this time of year. Although there is some good news. You’ll be able to reunite with a lot of your old friends from Congress and from al qaeda. And the radio station down there plays country MOR.

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