Dolores Huerta Was Booed at a Trump Rally?

Wait. No. It was at a Democratic Party event? Really? You don’t mean this Dolores Huerta?!

Well, I certainly hope the ignorant assholes who booed and hissed the 85-year-old Huerta were The Donald supporters who got lost on their way to a Funny Car race or WWE cage smackdown. It’s the only explanation that doesn’t reflect badly on Bernie Sanders. If you’re a Bernie supporter, the smart political move (not to mention the only moral one) is to disassociate yourself from that sort of boorish behavior. Apologize for the boneheads in your midst and invite them to find another candidate to support. (Such as Trump.) Because they’re sure as hell not helping yours.

Whatever you do, don’t go on social media and try to distract or deflect with nitpicky fights about  a “neutral translator” – LOL! – or whether the assholes showing Huerta disrespect also shouted “English only.” Who cares? The crowd’s behavior was stupid and trashy enough to warrant an admonition from the event moderator: “It’s Dolores Huerta, my goodness!” Which was caught on tape. And that’s all anyone needs to know.

P.S. I suspect most of the dumbasses at the event (and quite a few of the Twitter et al defenders of their behavior) have no idea who Dolores Huerta is and how important she has been to American history. Which is why God made Google. Get a clue before you boo! Actually, just don’t boo … it’s not a wrestling match … listen politely and act like adults.

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11 thoughts on “Dolores Huerta Was Booed at a Trump Rally?

  1. You may want to check some of your sources on this one. When I covered the story there was no mention of anything untoward, at least at the time. The moderator was asked if there was a translator available. There being none, it was announced the event would have to proceed “in English only”. This was not a chant from the crowd, as revisionist accounts later described, just a one time declaration of fact.

    Huerta herself confirmed that any tension between herself and the crowd arose from her being a well known Hillary supporter, but there was no boorish behavior from them. Regarding the translation snafu, she recanted any “It was Bernie’s people!” claim to “ThinkProgress”, saying in an interview on 2/20: “The fellow that was running the caucus said that the first person to come up to the stage could translate, so I went up. Nobody else did,” she said. “Then the Bernie people started yelling no, no, no. One of their people came up, and I suggested we both translate. But the moderator decided we would have no translation. So the Bernie people preferred we would have no translation just because I was going to do the translating. It’s ridiculous, because if I had said something that wasn’t accurate, I’m sure somebody would have corrected me.”


  2. I don’t like linking here, but there’s a good recent article in Salon that basically confirms my take on this, dangerspouse, see if you can’t google that. I’m sure you have the seen the video with all the audible booing and hissing and the moderator’s exclamation. I don’t believe a chant went up of English only (and, as I stated, it’s irrelevant), but the Sanders supporters did not want Huerta translating simply because she was known as a Clinton supporter, Excuse me? What bullshit is that? Was the crafty 85-year-old civil rights icon going to put a slant on the translation that would cost Bernie votes? Or did they just not want to be bothered with having to listen to the translation, which is the same as chanting English only. And, once again, as the moderator said, :It’s Dolores Huerta, my goodness!” Meaning (I think) that the toenail clippings of this woman (given all she’s done in her long committed life) are worth more than all of you. And then a big ugly cheer went up when Dolores was withdrawn as translator. Ugly, dumb, bonehead.

    This is no way to behave if you want to win votes for your candidate. And no way to behave if you want to make sure a Republican doesn’t get in office in 2016, regardless of who gets the Democratic nomination.

    I’m sure by now you’ve also seen the long unbelievably offensive “lecture” (there’s not other world) of Huerta by Susan Sarandon, who should go back to squeezing lemons. And, if you’re on other social media at all, you know how stupid and doctrinaire and “scorched earth” it gets with Bernie supporters there. It’s all about “winning” and conceding no points and lots of links to bullshit, unsourced sources some of which are even rightwing. I’ve had it. The behavior is both offensive and self-destructive. And it reflects badly on Sanders, not only that it happens at all but that he doesn’t have his people apologize for it and admonish his supporters to knock that kind of stuff off.

    I have also tried to stay out of nomination politics and stay focused on defeating the GOP. But dissing Dolores Huerta got my attention. I have had the honor of meeting Ms. Huerta (and talking briefly with her once). She is an amazing person and the Sanders supporters in Nevada should have given her a round of applause when she offered to translate. And Susan Sarandon should have thanked her for her service to America and asked Dolores for her autograph.

    P.S. I know just enough about contemporary pop music (barely) to get the joke of your posting name and have a laugh. Good one!


    1. Thanks for the considered reply.

      I’ll have to check that Salon article out. I perhaps am guilty of not checking my own source, as aside from the ThinkProgress piece I noted all I had to go on were the reports being filed by the reporters in our network (I’m a radio network announcer, doing duty as a news anchor on some of our stations). Since I tend to cower under the covers and pretend news doesn’t exist when I’m not on the air, sometimes I miss contrary narratives. Not being on any social media at all compounds things, I’m sure.

      I’m jealous you got to actually meet Ms. Huerta. She’s a towering figure for such a tiny person. As someone who enjoys certain assurances and rights courtesy of my union, assurances and rights I wouldn’t otherwise have, I’ve always felt I should erect a candle-ringed shrine to her somewhere in my house. Since she helped pay for it.

      I’m with you all the way on staying focused on defeating the Empire. But yeah, it’s disheartening when one hears of behavior like this. I hope it’s not repeated.

      Glad you got a laugh out of my ’80’s Brit cartoon reference. You’re one of the few. You’ll get 50 bonus points and a brass fig leaf figlagee though if you know my avatar reference as well. (Or for that matter, what radio god used to always award brass leaf figlagees.)

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      1. Thank you for your great and even more considered reply to my considered reply. I live in L.A. and Dolores Huerta (at 85) is still tireless in both activism and appreciation of life. I met her a friend’s play that she came to support. What a great person!

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    2. Oh wait – were you thinking of Danger Mouse, the Gnarls Barkley guy? Oops. I typed too soon, then! My handle references the cartoon, as it was one of my formative years’ most enduring heroes. I mean, he had a blind mole sidekick, just like me (at the time)!

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  3. I’m actually relieved you didn’t know any of those three references. It would have indicated a wayward youth and completely undermined your reputation as a man of letters. But for future reference: Danger Mouse (already established), Team Rabbit logo from “Girls und Panzer”, and Jean Shepherd. “The More You Know….” 🙂


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