Charlton Heston Revisited

Time to pry the rifle from Charlton Heston’s “cold, dead hands”


The NRA’s former spokesperson – and chief delusionist – has been gone seven years now and over 200,000 additional American victims of gun violence have followed him to the grave. So it’s also past time we pried the rifles, assault weapons, and hand guns from everybody else’s warm live hands. We can’t continue like this. And half measures don’t do shit.

We need a new NRA (No Rifles Allowed) that will lobby to rid this nation of guns. I don’t believe that the 2nd Amendment confers an individual right to bear arms (and neither has any Supreme Court until this most recent Roberts one). But, if enough people do believe that, then let’s repeal it.

Either way, we need federal legislation similar to England or Japan or Canada or Australia or any other nation on earth with public spirit, reason, and a soul. I know some of y’all are afraid a what the guv-mint might do to ya if ya cain’t stockpile weapons. But the rest of America is afraid of you. And we’re tired of being afraid. And heartbroken. And sick to our stomachs at the country you’ve made.

No more delusions. No more guns.

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